segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2012

MAL - Shah Alam Stadium (PES 6)

built = 1994
capacity = 69372
city = Shah_Alam
clube=Selangor FA (Malasia)
mal - shah alam,

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Anônimo disse...

can you make kelantan fa stadium.stadium sultan muhammad iv

Anônimo disse...

Bukit Jalil National Stadium (SNBJ)
*4th largest assocation football stadium in the world (via wikipedia) - 100200 all-seated
*home ground for Malaysia National Football Team

I want the PES5 version of SNBJ
I have searched but no result of SNBJ in WE9 version
Instead, if there are PES6 version of SNBJ, I hope a working PES6 to PES5 stadium converter is available
I also has tried SSfix05 but it does'nt work perfectly.